Friday, June 3, 2011

Week of 6/6 Events

Marketing Week Events:

-Mon June 6 (4PM) – Marketing Workshop by Professor Madiha Ferjani from the Mediterranean Business School.

-Tues June 7 (4PM) – Guest Speaker on Careers in Marketing: Mondher Khanfir from Wiki Start-Up (located in AMIDEAST Central Park room)

• Mondher Khanfir is a Tunisian Social Entrepreneur. He is acting now as Investment Advisor at a private Venture Capitalist. He had actively contributed to the reinforcement of the civil society capacity in Tunisia, since he lead the ATUGE (Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles) from 2002 to 2007, then he joined the CJD Tunisia as counselor of the Executive Bureau, and later acted for a short but intensive period, including the Revolution, as Chief Executive Director at the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to his international background and significant track record as Senior Project Manager and as Foreign Trade Counselor for the Tunisian government, he developed a good understanding of international economies and trades policies.

Mr KHANFIR holds an Executive MBA from the Mediterranean School of Business of Tunis as well as an Engineer High School graduate, from Arts & Métiers ParisTech High School, with a Marketing certification from British Chamber of Commerce in Paris. He lately followed a special program on Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management training at RPI New York – USA.

-*Wed June 8 (4PM) – Preparation for Sandwich Selling Contest
• Students will be given around 15TD to buy ingredients to make sandwiches. They must decide what types of sandwiches they will make, how to promote their sandwich brand with posters and advertising, and how to price and sell their sandwiches. They will make their plans, and on Saturday, they will go to a public location (Menzah 6 in front on Monoprix) and try to sell their sandwiches to regular citizens. They will use this time to plan their strategy, pricing, sandwich types to make, and marketing plan.

-*Thurs June 9 (4PM) – Brainstorming and Designing a Tourism Marketing Campaign for Tunisia
• Teams of students will put together a marketing campaign to promote tourism in Tunisia. They will create a logo to market Tunisia and put together a concept presentation for an advertisement to encourage tourism in Tunisia

-* Sat June 11 (1PM-4PM) – Sandwich Selling Contest in Menzah 6 (in front of Monoprix)
• Sandwich selling teams will have 3 hours to sell sandwiches in Menzah 6. The team with the highest profit wins.

Other Events:

Mon 6/6 (3PM) - Special Event: Meet Kayla Sweeney, the new American Window Coordinator for Sousse!

Tues 6/7 (3PM) - Conversation Hour: "Tiger Moms" (about a Chinese mom's controversial philosophy of ultra strict parenting)

Wed 6/8 (3PM) - Special Event: Bye Bye Shannon Zimmerman! (come wish Shannon goodbye before she leaves Tunisia for the US)

Wed 6/8 (5PM) - AC Theater Club Final Performance (in Central Park room); come watch their play on the revolution

Thurs 6/9 (2PM) - AC Tunis and AC Cairo Virtual Summit Part 2: Addressing Economic Challenges and Corruption

Fri 6/10 (3PM) - Film: "The Infidel" (a comedy about a Muslim man who finds out that he is adopted and was originally Jewish.... laughs ensue)

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