Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Kayla Sweeney, the New Coordinator of the AC Sousse!

Hello everybody! I want to take a moment to properly introduce myself. My name is Kayla Sweeney, I'm from Chicago (well an unknown town 1 hour north of Chicago), and I studied Global Communication in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am very excited to coordinate the American Window in Sousse, and expand it into another American Corner over the next year! In addition to studying globalization and communications, I focused on French & Francophone studies, and the Middle East and North Africa, and the Maghreb is my personal favorite area of interest. Two years ago, I spent a semester abroad studying in Rabat, Morocco, where I had the opportunity to work on my Standard Arabic and where I picked up a little bit of the Moroccan dialect. For me, traveling and meeting new people and experiencing new perspectives is what makes my life worthwhile! I also love playing tennis, so if you play and would like to have a partner, please let me know! I am excited about the next year and all the things that the American Window (soon-to-be American Corner inshallah) will be doing in the coming year!


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Adam Eddouss said...

wish you the best !!