Friday, June 24, 2011

Week of 6/27 Events

Product Development Month Events (in basement of AMIDEAST):

Mon June 27 (4PM) - Workshop on "Strategies for Innovative Thinking" by Ravi Kaneriya

Tues June 28 (4PM) - Nothing

*Wed June 29 (4PM) - Product Development Month Competition - work on idea in teams

*Thurs June 30 (4PM) - Product Development Competition - Presentations of ideas and awarding of prizes

*Fri July 1 (4PM) - *Friday July 1 (3PM) - Finance Week Investment Contest Results

Non-Product Development Month Events

Mon June 27 (2:30PM) - Guest Speaker: Wheldon Kennedy on “The Structure of Campaign Planning”

Biography of Weldon Kennedy of

Weldon Kennedy is a Director of Organizing. He grew up in New Mexico and has always wondered what is beyond the next hill. After traveling the world for a year, Weldon returned the US an impassioned activist working to redress some of the injustices he had seen. After working on a variety of issues and elections, Weldon moved to London to manage membership campaigns for - where he stayed until joining in early 2011. is an online activism platform for social change that raises awareness about important causes and connects people to opportunities for powerful action. It works with more than 1000 of the largest organizations in the world, has a team of hundreds of journalists and organizers that span the globe, and empowers millions of people each month to make a difference. is organized around more than a dozen leading cause-based communities, ranging from gay rights to women’s rights to animal welfare. It encourages individuals within each community to start an online petition, sign petitions related to their interests, and magnify their impact by sharing each petition with friends.

Tues June 28 (1:30PM) - Conversation Hour: Youth, Social Media, Rap, and Revolution with Chris Gray

Chris Gray is an American, living in Tunisia, who is doing research on the Tunisian Revolution. Specifically, he wants to examine how Tunisians (especially youth) used novel ways to propagate the revolution, including the use of social media and the element of rap music as a political statement.

If you would like to have a conversation hour with him and simultaneously help give him information for his research, please attend.

Tues June 28 (2:30PM) - Presentation: "The UN Milennium Goals" by Emna Chihi

Wed June 29 (2:30PM) - Workshop on Making Tunisian Pastries with Amira Chihi

Fri July 1 (1PM) - Documentary + Discussion of film "Religulous"

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