Friday, June 10, 2011

Week of 6/13 Events


Mon June 13 (4PM) – Fundamentals of Finance Presentation

• Workshop on key financial metrics, financial statements, and tools for financial analysis

Tues June 14 (4PM) – Film: "Inside the Meltdown: What Happened to the Economy"
• We will watch a documentary about the recent financial crisis

Wed June 15 (4PM) – Ayoub Zaafouri from Shell Talks about Careers in Finance

*Thurs June 16 (4PM) – Kick-Off Stock Market Investing Competition

• I will introduce teams to the website we will use for investing in stocks (not for real just for pretend), and explain the rules of the game. Teams can research stocks and determine which picks to buy. The objective is to maximize return on their investments.


Mon June 13 @ 2:30PM - Mourad Brahmi presents "What Women Want"
, a workshop to help guys better understand girls and how to make them happy

Mon June 13 @ 6:00PM - Conversation Hour: The Arab Spring (facilitated by Kayla)

Tues June 14 @ 6:00PM - Conversation Hour: Women's Right (facilitated by Kayla)

Wed June 15 @ 6:00PM - Conversation Hour: Globalization or Education (you choose) (facilitated by Kayla)

Fri June 17 @ 3:00PM - Film: "Secondhand Lions"

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