Friday, August 26, 2011

Week of 8/26 Events...or lack there of

Mon 8/29-Thur 9/1 - Please note that the American Corner will be closed Monday, August 29-Thursday, September 1 in observance of 3id Al-Fitr. So, in sha' allah 3idkom mabrouk to everyone!!

Fri 9/2 (1pm) - Women's Equality Day Discussion Hour

Friday, August 19, 2011

Week of 8/22 Events

Mon 8/22 (1 PM) - AC Volunteers Meeting

Tue 8/23 (1 PM) - Film Segment 3 from "L'Islam aux Etats-Unis" followed by discussion

Wed 8/24 (1 PM) - Embassy Film Interviews: "Americans on America" Project

Mohamed Trad, Social Media Assistant and Achref Aouadi, Alumni Coordinator from the U.S. embassy will present the idea behind "Americans to America" and then film Tunisians asking questions about the American experience, facilitating interaction between Americans and Tunisians. Average Americans will respond to these questions in a video answering your questions. Come and support international dialogue and understanding!

Thur 8/25 (1 PM) - Film Screening: "Hotel Rawanda"

Fri 8/26 - The AC will close early at 11:00 am

Friday, August 12, 2011

Week of 8/15 Events

Mon 8/15 (1PM) - Plan AC Charity Project

Tue 8/16 (9AM) - Web Conference with Farah Pandith + Discussion

Farah Pandith is the U.S. State Department Special Representative to Muslim Communities. In this inaugural webchat, Farah will be speaking about her recent travels to Indonesia & Malaysia, giving updates on the Generation Change and 2011 Hours Against Hate projects, and conveying Ramadan greetings from the United States.

Tue 8/16 (1PM) - Film Segment 3 from "L'Islam aux Etats-Unis" followed by discussion

Tue 8/16 (7:10PM) - AC Iftar Potluck

For this event, each person should bring a dish of food, soup, drinks or sweets to share with the others for an AC member iftar held at the American Corner. If people coordinate on what each will bring, I think this will work better.

Wed 8/17 (1PM) - Presentation on Religious Diversity in America

Thur 8/18 (1PM) - Conversation Hour on International Herald Tribune Article "Teaching Rebels" led by Hamdi Labidi

Fri 8/19 (1 PM) - Film Screening: America Before Columbus (National Geographic)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week of 8/8 Events

Mon 8/8 (9am-12pm) - People's Movement for Human Rights Learning & Integration Workshop Session 1 (AMIDEAST Conference Room)

These 3 hours will be dedicated to the personalization of human rights, bringing it home, making it yours and giving you a view of human rights that takes it out of the political and legal realm and into a process that you can incorporate in your everyday life.

Mon 8/8 (1pm) - Conversation Hour on TED Clip: Shereen El Feki on Pop culture in the Arab world

Tue 8/9 (9am-12pm) - People's Movement for Human Rights Learning & Integration Workshop Session 2 (AMIDEAST Conference Room)

The building of a Human Rights Corps and the evolution to a Human Rights City, what do you have to do to make them happen in your city, nation and community.

Tue 8/9 (1pm) - Film Segment 2 from "L'Islam aux Etats-Unis" followed by discussion

Wed 8/10 (9am-12pm) - People's Movement for Human Rights Learning & Integration Workshop Session 3 (AMIDEAST Conference Room)

How do I make a difference and bring this process to others, to my own organization, into the systems that impact me on a daily do I ensure that every citizen and resident of Tunisia knows, owns and can act upon Human Rights as part of their daily life.

Wed 8/10 (1pm) - Presentation by ISLT "Random Photographers"

Thur 8/11 (1pm) - Presentation by Lorendra Pinder on the State of New York

Fri 8/12 (1pm) - Film Screening: The Breakfast Club