Friday, May 20, 2011

Week of 5/23 Events

Mon 5/23 - Conversation Hour: An Eye-for-an-Eye as a Policy of Punishments (discussing the acid attack in Iran) (4PM)

Tues 5/24 - Presentation on Iran (4PM)

Wed 5/25 - Public Speaking Workshop (recommended fo Public Speaking Competition participants but open to all) (4PM)

Thurs 5/26 - English Game (4PM)

Fri 5/27 - Guest Speaker: Wei Wei Hsing from the Acumen Fun

More Info
The Acumen Fund is an American social enterprise that funds small businesses in developing countries, especially in Africa (not Tunisia though yet). If you are interested in NGOs, social entrepreneurship, and economic development issues, you should attend this session. Wei Wei will discuss the story of how Acumen Fund started and the type of work that it does.

To learn more about Acumen Fund, check this out:

To see Wei Wei's bio, see here:

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