Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Announcing the AC Public Speaking Competition

Are you the next Martin Luther King? The next Gamal Abd al-Nasser? The next Malcolm X? Can you inspire and move people with your words? If you answered YES, then read on.

The AC will be hosting a public speaking competition on Wednesday June 1 at 4PM. Anyone can participate. Participants must present a speech of no more than 5 minutes on the theme of: "The Future of the Tunisian Revolution". Speeches will be judged on 1) content, 2) style, and 3) how inspirational they were.

1 participant will be selected as the winner of the contest, and will receive a prize of 50TD and a certificate for 1st place in the competition.

If you want to enter this contest, please sign up by e-mailing your interest to rkaneriya@amideast.org.

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