Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week of 5/16 Events

Mon 5/16 - Presentation on Tunisian Jewish Heritage by Ahmed (4PM)

Tues 5/17 - Presentation on Irish History by Mourad (4PM)

Wed 5/18 - Guest Speaker: Ian, an American Middle East Peace Activist (3PM)

Wed 5/18 - Conversation Hour: "Will there be a Third Intifadah in Palestine?" facilitated by Rania (4PM)

Thurs 5/19 - Fun English Game (4PM)

Fri 5/20 - Documentary + Discussion: "Beyond Belief" (4PM)

This documentary is about 2 American women whose husbands were killed in 9/11. But instead of hating Muslims, they decided to honor their husbands' memories by going to Afghanistan to help women there who had also lost their husbands in war. After this film, there will be a discussion.

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