Monday, July 30, 2012

Conversations for the week of July 30th

Tuesday 7/31
   American Football

1:00 Conversation Hour

Learn the rules and regulations of American football by watching a real college football game.  The "Rose Bowl" game between the University of Oregon Ducks and the University of Wisconsin Badgers will be played along with detailed explanations of the teams, rules and scoring of American football.

Wednesday 8/1  Music Listening Activity  

1:00 Conversation Hour

Do you like listening to music?  Do you think you know all the lyrics?  Find out by participating in a music listening activity to see how well you understand the lyrics of popular American songs.  After the listening, we will discuss the song lyrics to decipher their meaning.

Thursday 8/2  Guest Presentation

1:00 Conversation Hour

Come join us for a conversation with Aaron Berman and Meghan Luecke to discuss how Tunisians view Americans.  These points of view can be both positive and negative, so feel free to come and express your opinions.  Everything you say during the conversation will be helping our guests form their international project.

Friday 7/13   Movie Day

3:00 Fim Screening

Come watch the fim "Forrest Gump", a classic American film starring Tom Hanks.

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