Monday, July 9, 2012

Week of July 9th

Monday 7/9   Stereotypes

4:00 Conversation Hour

Come by the American corner to talk about the stereotypes faced by Arabs, Tunisians and Americans alike.  How do titles such as "Muslim" and "Christian"  affect how people view one another?  Why do we judge each other so quickly?

Tuesday 7/10   Improv

4:00 Conversation Hour

Have you ever seen he American TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway"?  It's an improv show starring American comedians who make up their lines right on the spot in front of a live TV audience. Come and participate in the American Corner version of this show and have some fun!

Wednesday 7/11   Fim Industry

4:00 Conversation Hour

The American film film industry has an enormous effect on culture throughout the world.  Come into the American Corner to discuss why and how this happens.  Which films are the most influential when it comes to world culture?  What are your favorite films and why?  How are American films different from other films made in other areas of the world?

Friday 7/13   Movie Day

3:00 Fim Screening

Come watch the fim "Stand By Me" about four young boys living in Oregon in the 1950s who set out to find a missing boy in the wilderness.

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