Friday, August 24, 2012

Conversations for week of August 27

Monday 8/27   Right to Protest

4:00 Conversation Hour

Discuss recent protests around the world as well as the responses they have received from various communities.

Tuesday 8/28  Social Interaction Online  

4:00 Conversation Hour

Come into the American Corner to discuss how modern people present themselves to others on the internet.  What judgements do you make when you see a person's internet profile?

Wednesday 8/29  Guest

3:00 Conversation Hour

Come talk to Anne Slack, Tunisia Desk Officer of the United States, and ask questions about her job and discuss Tunisian life.

Wednesday 8/29  Music Listening Activity

4:00 Conversation Hour

Do you like listening to music?  Do you think you know all the lyrics?  Find out by participating in a music listening activity to see how well you understand the lyrics of popular American songs.  After the listening, we will discuss the song lyrics to decipher their meaning.

Thursday 8/30   Sporcle

4:00 Conversation Hour

Participate in a contest with your friends and peers and test your knowledge with geography, entertainment and trivia.

Friday 8/31   TV Series

4:00 TV Screening

Come watch the American TV series "Modern Family".

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