Friday, March 30, 2012

Week of 4/2 Events

* This week our future American Corner Coordinator, Johanna Klees will be filling in at the American Corner while I am out of town. Please come in, say hello and get to know her! She will be leading the following events:

Mon 4/2 (4pm) - Conversation Hour: "The Richer Sex: Women are Overtaking Men as America's Breadwinners. Why that's Good for Everyone"

Tue 4/3 (4pm) - Guest Speaker, Jeff Albert on Water Purification

Wed 4/4 (4pm) - Easter Conversation Hour and Activities

Thur 4/5 (1:30pm) - Lanugage, Symbols and Slogans of the Tunisian Revolution at CEMAT

There will be talks by graffiti artists, photographers and literature professors, a concert and a catered reception (more details to come).
* Since we will tak a field trip to this event, the AC will close early at 1:30 pm.

Fri 4/6 (4pm) - Open Mic Night

Come with your poems, songs, one-man shows or whatever else you would like to present!


marwa said...

and what is this about ? the"night" part is kind of vague. xoxo marwa

AC Coordinator said...

There is a little more information there now. :-)

marwa said...

thank u !!!