Friday, March 23, 2012

Week of 3/26 Events

Mon 3/26 (10:30am) - Tunisia Debates with John Tredway and a Delegation of US Debate Team on Freedom of Expression, Social Media and the Tunisian Revolution

Tue 3/27 (3pm) - AC Tunis - IRC Cairo Post-Elections Conversation Hour

Wed 3/28 (4pm) - Conversation Hour: Environmentalism in the United State led by Fahmi Garbaya

Thur 3/29 (4pm) - Conversation Hour: Religious Diversity in America

Fri 3/30 (3pm) - Film Screening: "127 Hours"

1 comment:

Ghassen Telmoudi said...

How can I attend these events?
And should I be a member in any kind of organization so I can be allowed to attend?