Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terana Opportunity

Anyone who is in a civil society organization who is interested in receiving some training from the NGO Soliya regarding its new Terana initiative, please let me know. I can nominate you. What is it all about? Read below:

Through a competitive process, Soliya will select participants for its Terana training program from among the representatives nominated by participating non-government and civil society organizations in the Middle East and North Africa region. Individuals who are selected to participate will receive training in the following areas:

-Building an online community
-Leveraging websites, blogs, and social networks for civic activism and engagement
-Digital film production
-Mobile generation and uploading of audio and video content
-Facilitation and community engagement
-Methods of informing civil society using technology

In addition, participants will have access to a community of their peers around the world, and will be provided with opportunities to share best practices - and seek advice - from other members. Soliya will also provide platforms for participating organizations to share their perspectives and the media created by their representatives through partnerships with traditional and new media companies.

More information on Terana and Soliya can be found here:

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