Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meeting this Saturday at 10AM for Summer Service Initiative Planning

Hello, everyone! We had an extremely successful meeting today with the representatives from the Amal Association. We had around 34 people in attendance (which is unprecedented for the summer!), and roughly 66% of those in attendance stayed behind for the post-meeting discussion on how to volunteer themselves.

The next step is for those who are interested in volunteering with Amal to meet to discuss how specifically we can help them and what sorts of projects people want to tackle for the Amal Association. The time and place for that meeting will be:

10AM this Saturday (July 17) at the American Corner

Thanks again for all your enthusiasm, and I hope to see many of you this Saturday to further refine our volunteer plans.

And it's so great that so many of you are motivated to give up time on your weekends to do something as important and meaningful as helping disadvantaged women and children at Amal. Thanks for your contribution and dedication!

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