Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week of September 23rd

Monday: Info session for the Soliya Program at 4:00pm. Anyone who is interested in participating in this 8 week online program should come to this information session.

Tuesday: AC member Hamdi Otaku will give a presentation on Glam Rock culture, a discussion will follow. 4:00pm.

Wednesday: Phonetics Class for anyone who is interested in improving their English accent. 4:00pm

Thursday: Join us for a conversation hour about the controversy surrounding the latest Miss USA pageant. 4:00pm.

Friday: AC member Ruaa Krimi will hold an information session on her NGO: Human Rights Culture Academy. 4:30pm

1 comment:

garbouja said...

Thank you for the program
I want to attend the phonetic course on wednesday,
it start at 4:00 PM
When does it finish? how long is it?
Best Regards
Rami Karaoud