Monday, December 10, 2012

The Week of December 10th and December 17th

How much do you know about American Christmas customs?

Christmas is not only a religious celebration In America, it is also a big part of their culture. Americans don't celebrate Christmas only for one day, the celebration and the preparation last for the whole month of December.
 For the next two weeks in the American Corner we will try to know more about how do Americans celebrate Christmas doing several activities they are used to do for this occasion so we can get better understanding of that big part of the culture.
 Join us please to the American Corner to celebrate with us Christmas, have fun and get better understanding of the American culture. 

1st week
December 10th , Quiz and questions about Christmas + starting Secret Santa game.
December 11th Game + decoration
December 12th Christmas craft
December 13th decorating the AC and playing Christmas Music.
December 14th Movie about Christmas  
2nd week
December 17th Making Christmas Cards
December 18th Christmas Tricks
December 19th Competition of Ginger bread house
December 20 game white Elephant
December 21st Movie about Christmas + Know who is your Secret Santa

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anwar said...

Hi ,
can i attend the next activities thought i have not attended the first one ?