Monday, November 19, 2012

The week of November 19, 2012

AC Tunis:  November 19th, 2012
November  19th :
The activity: How to create a game.
.November 20th:
The activity: On the Occasion of Education USA international virtual College Fair 3 Fulbright Students will talk about their experience studying in the US
November 21st :
The activity: Thanksgiving dinner at the AC, from 06:30pm till 07:30pm. Tunisian will try to cook for thanksgiving by themselves, Americans will help them with the recipe. During dinner Americans will tell Tunisians more about thanksgiving why and how they celebrate it.
November 22nd    :
The American Corner will be closed for the Thanksgiving Day.
November 23st   :
The activity: Movie for kids: Bed time stories.

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Mouadh Tezeghdenti said...

IS it possible to write the exact time of the events? i've been there today but there was nobody