Friday, June 8, 2012

Week of 6/11 Events

Monday 6/11

4:00 PM - Conversation Hour: Tunisian Constitution Update

Come discuss the current status the new Tunisian constitution and other developments in Tunisian politics.  What lies in store for Tunisian politics and society in the lead up to next year's election?

Tuesday 6/12

4:00 PM - Conversation Hour: Art in Tunisia

Come discuss the past, present, and future of art in Tunisia.  How has art in Tunisia - painting, theater, music, film & TV - changed since the revolution?  What new opportunities do artists have in 2012, and what new obstacles do artists face? 

Wednesday 6/13

4:00 PM - Conversation Hour: U.S. Elections 2012

It's summer before an election and the campaign season in America is starting to heat up.  Come discuss the latest election news as the United States gets ready to vote in November.  Will Obama be reelected for four more years?  Who is this Mitt Romney?  Why do American campaigns start years before the election?  Who will build moon bases now that Newt Gingrich is out of the race?  All your U.S. election questions will be answered.

Thursday 6/14

4:00 PM - Conversation Hour with Simon Hawkins, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Dr. Hawkins will share some of his recent research on the community of salesmen around Zeituna Mosque in the Tunis Medina and will lead a discussion to learn about how the daily lives of Tunisians have changed since the revolution, from the proliferation of the hijab to the growth of street vendors.  Dr. Hawkins first came to Tunisia as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in 1988 and has returned many times since then to do research as an anthropologist. 

Friday 6/15

3:00 PM - Friday Movie

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