Friday, February 10, 2012

Week of 2/13 Events

Mon 2/13 (4pm) - AC Volunteers Meeting

Tue 2/14 (4pm) - Valentine's Day Presentation and Valentine Making

Wed 2/15 (5pm) - Reading with Kids

Come volunteer your time to pass your knowledge of English and love for reading down to the younger generation!

Thur 2/16 (2pm) - Tunisian Debates presented by Jamil Choura

Fri 2/17 (4pm) - Moderator of the New Arab Debates, Tim Sebastian will speak about Debate and his project of New Arab Debates in Tunisia

Debate, as a concept, is meant to foster the culture of compromise and accepting the other, and it is an important component in the American and British academic cursus, where students debate in clubs and compete in national and international contests. Many debate programs appeared in the Arab World after the Revolution, and one of them is The New Arab Debates.
NAD was created in 2011 by veteran BBC journalist Tim Sebastian, the star of HARDTalk and founder of BBC Doha Debates. Sebastian served as the BBC correspondent in Eastern Europe, Moscow and Washington DC during the Cold War, and spent the last decade between London and the Middle East. He is also a writer (8 books), a several awards winner, and he interviewed most of the world's leaders during his long career, from Gorbachev to Clinton to Mandela and many others.

Come on Friday the 17th of February to listen to his adventures and learn more about The New Arab Debates!

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