Monday, October 31, 2011

Week of 10/31 Events

Mon 10/31 (3pm) – Halloween Presentation and Activities

Tue 11/1 (11am) – AC Tunis-IRC Cairo Web Chat: The Tunisia Elections

Come and discuss the Tunisian elections with Egyptian youth eager to learn from the wonderful precedent Tunisians provided for future Arab World elections.

Tue 11/1 (3pm) – Business Entrepreneurship Delegation Motivation Stories

Meet at the AC at 3:00 pm (no later) to go on a trip to Ghazela Techno Park to hear from a US-Tunisian Delegation for Business Entrepreneurship!

Wed 11/2 (3pm) – Portfolio Workshop

Learn important tips for writing resumes/CVs, writing cover letters, and having a successful interview.

Thur 11/3 (3pm) – Comic Book Club Meeting

Thur 11/3 (4pm) – AC Volunteers All Groups Meeting

Come share your successes from the first month of AC Volunteer groups focused on Environmental issues, cultural heritage, orphanage volunteering and artistic promotion!

Fri 11/4 (10am) – Tunisian Debates led by Jamil Choura

Fri 11/4 (3pm) – Film: College Inc.

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