Friday, September 30, 2011

Week of 10/3 Events

Mon 10/3 (4pm) Conversation Hour: Fashion for Development

Tue 10/4 (4pm) Conversation Hour: Going Green with Hamdi Labidi

Wed 10/5 (4pm) Imen S’hel on Economic Entrepreneurship

Thur 10/6 (1pm-5pm) I Watch Election Observer Training
Fulfill your civic duty by helping ensure free and fair elections.

Fri 10/7 (4pm) AC Volunteer Kick-off Karaoke Party
Come and get involved in your community with your choice of AC volunteer initiatives and sing your heart out!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

why does it start at 4 pm ? usually events start at 2 pm , and I think it s better ...