Friday, August 19, 2011

Week of 8/22 Events

Mon 8/22 (1 PM) - AC Volunteers Meeting

Tue 8/23 (1 PM) - Film Segment 3 from "L'Islam aux Etats-Unis" followed by discussion

Wed 8/24 (1 PM) - Embassy Film Interviews: "Americans on America" Project

Mohamed Trad, Social Media Assistant and Achref Aouadi, Alumni Coordinator from the U.S. embassy will present the idea behind "Americans to America" and then film Tunisians asking questions about the American experience, facilitating interaction between Americans and Tunisians. Average Americans will respond to these questions in a video answering your questions. Come and support international dialogue and understanding!

Thur 8/25 (1 PM) - Film Screening: "Hotel Rawanda"

Fri 8/26 - The AC will close early at 11:00 am

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