Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week of 5/2 Events

An important note:

* Starting May 2, the AC will go back to it's pre-revolution events schedule. That means that all conversation hours and guest speaker events will be held Monday-Thursday at 4PM. The Friday films will continue to be held at 3PM.

Mon 5/2 - Conversation Hour: Freudian Theory (4PM)

Tues 5/3 - Mourad Brahmi Presents on The Book "Of Mice and Men" (4PM)

Wed 5/4 - English Club Event at Tunisia Polytechnic School (1:30PM-6PM)
Tunisia Polytechnic School is hosting an English Day event and all AC visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. The event will consist of workshops presented by Tunisia Polytechnic School. the British Council, and AMIDEAST. There will also be networking opportunities and fun activities to practice speaking English.

If you are interested in coming, please meet at AMIDEAST at 1:30PM. A free bus will take you to and from the event at TPS's campus in Carthage. It will bring you back to AMIDEAST at 6PM.

Thurs 5/5 - Achref Aouadi Presents on Earth Day and the Environment (4PM)

Fri 5/6 - Film: "Planet Earth: The Great Plains" (3PM)

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