Tuesday, December 14, 2010

American Corner Christmas Party!!!!!!!!!!!

When: Tuesday 12/21 from 3PM-6M
Where: AMIDEAST main building basement (Central Park Room)

You know you have been waiting for this, and it's coming: the American Corner Christmas party!!!!!!!!

This party will include either a snowflake design or a gingerbread plus a Christmas quiz contest plus a small Christmas skit performed by the AC Theater Club plus plenty of socializing, merriment, and fun!

We will also be holding a Secret Santa Gift Exchange that is voluntary. If you want to participate, you must buy a gift that will be given to someone else. This gift must cost around 20-25TD, and you must wrap the gift but not put your name on it. We will place all the gifts together in a pile. Each person participating in Secret Santa will receive a number. The person with # 1 will choose a gift and open it. People who go after can either steal the gift of someone who has already opened a gift or pick a new gift from gifts pile. No gift may be stolen more than twice. You can only participate in Secret Santa if you have purchased a gift for someone else. At the end, participant will have a gift. Google "Secret Santa" if you want to know more about how this game works.

See you there and feel free to bring any food or gifts for your own friends if you want! Hope you will have a wonderful time!

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Wenni Donna said...

Christmas is my favorite festival and love celebrating it as a grand event. This year, will be throwing a huge party at one of top New York venues. Have invited all family, friends and office colleagues for the celebrations.