Monday, October 11, 2010

Announcing: Tunisian Entrepreneurship Competition

Dear budding Tunisian entrepreneurs of the future,

The AC is organizing a Tunisian Entrepreneurs Competition for those of you who are interested in starting up your own micro-businesses. Interested Tunisians can work alone or in groups. You will work on a specific business idea and will put together a presentation about your idea. This presentation must include a business plan, where you outline your projected revenues, costs, and profits.

Key aspects of this competition:

1) The winning person/team will receive a 500 TD interest-free loan from the AC. You must develop an idea within the constraint of 500 TD.
2) All persons/teams participating must sign up at the AC by October 31.
3) Once persons/teams have signed up to participate, we will visit the offices of ENDA (Tunisia's largest micro-finance bank) where you will be taught in how to create a business plan for your idea.
4) The winning idea will be judged by a panel of experts, likely including someone from ENDA.
5) The competition will take place in late November (exact time and date to be announced later), and it will take place on a Sunday so that everyone can attend, regardless of work or school schedules.

My goal is to give Tunisian entrepreneurs an outlet to use their creativity and ingenuity and to bring their ideas to fruition. We have hosted some speakers at the AC who have talked about risk-taking and entrepreneurship and gotten people fired up about it. Now, it's time to make something happen, rather than just dreaming about it. I hope that we can have as many people participate as possible, and I encourage many of you to take part in this competition.

Please stop by the American Corner to sign up if you are interested and to ask any questions you may have.

Ravi Kaneriya
American Corner Coordinator

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