Saturday, September 11, 2010

AC Times Changes and Upcoming Events

Hello all. Please note the following time changes starting on Monday:

AC Open Hours: 10AM-6PM (Mon.-Fri.)
English Conversation Hours: 4PM (Tues. and Thurs.)
Friday Film: 3PM (Fri.)

Also, we will soon begin organizing AC weekend conversation socials. On select weekends, inviduals interested in practicing English in a casual setting will get together at a set location (park, cafe, restaurant, etc.) and socialize and participate in English-speaking activities. These weekend socials are meant to accomodate those visitors of the AC who may not be able to attend normal conversation hours or AC activities during the weekdays due to school, work, or class conflicts. Of course, anyone interested in making friends and practicing their English in an English-speaking environment is welcome as well.

Some other things to look forward to in the next few months:

We have the following speakers that will be coming to the AC:

1) A representative from the US embassy will be coming to speak about the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution (Free speech) next week on Thursday.

2) Naif Mutawa, the creator of the Islamic-themed comic series "The 99" will be speaking in November.

3) Joe DiFilippo, a US commander who served in Iraq, will speak to the AC.

4) Michael Cracknell, founder of ENDA, Tunisia's largest microfinance bank will speak in October.

5) We will have several speakers from AMIDEAST come to speak about different ethnic and religious groups in America as part of a lecture series called "Cultures of America". So far, representatives of the Irish-American, Mormon, and Indian-American communities are slated to speak at the AC about the history, challenges, and accomplishments of their groups in America.

6) We will have a Star Academy Season 2 Karaoke event in the last Friday of September at AMIDEAST.

7) And many more surprises in store!

- Ravi Kaneriya

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