Monday, April 6, 2009

Bon Voyage Karl

Farewell AC users,

I regret to inform you that Friday, April 3 will be my final day as an AC intern. It’s finally time that I head back to the US to finish my undergraduate studies. I want to thank you all for showing me so much hospitality and helping me to feel truly at home here in Tunisia. I really enjoyed hanging out and getting to know some of you here at the AC. The American Corner isn’t only a place where Tunisians can find resources about English and American culture. It’s just as much a place where those of us who run the AC get the chance to experience and learn about Tunisian culture. I enjoyed your company and positive participation in my Free English Conversation sessions. I hope that in the future you all continue to visit the American Corner, because your enthusiasm and participation are what allow it to improve and expand. Tunisia is a unique country and, inshallah, I will return someday.

Take care,


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